The Dusk of Dawn : The Reasonable Reason

The weather was cool, let out the breath

banned getting out voices, it’s annoyed

at a glance it seemed like a shadow

that encouraging me to sit in somewhere

it wasn’t known by anyone

should i have slept without the weather ?

occasionally, it had better than i slept without eyes

when will this story be ended ?

or this story never ends ?

i was a little confused

could it fly as far as an eagle at the dusk of dawn

that flying up across much of the terra firma, from  france in the east to austria in the west without diseases ?

i didn’t think so !

but, it flew as high as a bee in the centre of flowers park that finding out honey from stamen with an unwell.

i’m not the eagle, i’m not the bee, and i’m not the Alps

would it be solicitous to let you go ?

i won’t bring you flying highly passes in the top of the Alps

i won’t give you the sweetest honey that taken from virgin stamen

but, stay awhile, there is a different side of mine

both of us are headed for show what human have got : ? (you’re smarter than me to ask this question)

In a way it reminds me, when i was a child

i used to be a mawkish-boy when i had failed in a puzzle’s game

unlike, i would never move the seas to be mine

recently, i get used to be a winner, soon or later

i will wake up early in the morning due to have a reason

i’ve never wanted to hurt my dream without the reason

i’ve never wanted to slap my passion without the reason

i’ve never wanted to escape it

it’s caused by, the game needs the passengers with the reasonable reason…


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