Have to Isn’t Should

I was gazing up

hurry up

summoned your name

as sober as a church mouse steals a piece of cheese

but, you’re still in supine

turned away your head

i have’nt felt like that yet

as brave as hens

won’t be able to eat worms

an opportunity wasn’t willing to be mine

but i didn’t give up

thought picking you was a rule

even though, i didn’t know, what would have happened

i ought to believe in my own fate

will be given to man who wins the war

now, i’m needing arms to hold my desires

pity, those arms are yours

what i’ve to do ?

i apt to do something crazy

left my world, closed my ears, and slipped my brain

i just wanna have a wordly-wise, just it

why does it swiftly come true ?

i’ve just been owning my new-point of views.

that you’re my reason to find out much more about cheerful

i never give up

hereby, i’m never breaking up to and have to

pick you

have you

earn you

keep you

reach you

and i’m going to hold you close up sincerely

untill i can feel your sithe deeply

i promise you’re to be mine !


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